Optics-ready pistols from Kingler Weapon Store

Optics have vastly improved in terms of accuracy, sight picture, and ease of zeroing. Many people think these improved scopes are only for rifles, but they are mistaken. These scopes can be used for pistols, too. As pistols and revolvers are chambered in more powerful rounds, they are now capable of bringing down big game animals. To do this, you will need a high-quality scope and optic-ready pistol that can extend your range. We have several handguns on which scopes can be easily mounted. 

Scopes work well with our optics-ready handguns

Gun owners want to take advantage of these opportunities by buying our highly accurate scopes. But, you cannot mount a scope on a handgun that only has iron sites. You will need to buy optics-ready handguns with mounts specially designed to hold a scope. These handguns offer several advantages over traditional sidearms. For one, they can increase your range significantly, allowing you to hit targets further away. Secondly, they are available at a variety of prices that any pistol enthusiast can afford. Finally, the pistols themselves are from brand name manufacturers known for making high-quality firearms. 

What kind of optics-ready handguns online do you sell?

We have handguns chambered for several calibers. Here are the models we are currently selling: 

  • Browning Buck Mark .22 LR
  • Century Arms TP9 Elite 9 mm
  • Excel Arms Accelerator Pistol MP-22 .22 LR
  • FN FNX-45 .45 ACP
  • Springfield Armory Hellcat OSP 9 mm 

These optic-ready pistols are chambered for different rounds, and each round has its advantages. .22 LR is an outstanding round for target shooting and hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels. .45 ACP and 9 mm can be used for hunting medium-sized game like coyotes and whitetail deer. 

Why to buy optic-ready pistols online from us?

Kingler is quickly becoming the premier online and brick-and-mortar outlet for guns in America. We have a variety of benefits that you can enjoy. First off, you can either come to our store or shop conveniently at home from your personal computer. Secondly, we have trained instructors with whom you can practice. They will help you to achieve a perfect zero with your brand new scoped handgun. With the knowledge you get from our instructors under your belt, you will excel with your brand new pistol and scope. Customers leave our store fully prepared to use their new purchase.

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