The best bolt action rifles are at Kingler Weapon Store

The bolt action rifle has been around since the early 19th Century. Since that time, they have been used by armies, hunters, and competitive shooters around the world. These rifles remain popular even in the face of stiff competition from semi-automatic rifles. Because of their deadly accuracy, low learning, curve, and versatility, many prefer bolt action hunting rifles to semi-automatic rifles. At our online store, you can find several of these rifles.

The advantages of buying bolt action rifles

  • Dependability: The reason these rifles are dependable is that they are manually operated, meaning they are less likely to jam or misfire. Semi-automatic rifles have more moving parts, making them more susceptible to failure. 
  • Ease of Use: Another advantage of these rifles is that it is easy to learn and understand how the action works. They are also easier to clean, and they are lighter than other guns. 
  • Accuracy: Good bolt action rifles are highly accurate, even when only using iron sites. They are so accurate because they have less moving parts that can affect the bullet’s trajectory, and the stock better supports the barrel. 
  • Versatility: These rifles are sold in nearly every kind of caliber, from .22 LR to .50 cal. They can shoot big, heavy bullets, or light, flat trajectory rounds. Also, they are available in calibers like .223 and .243 that have less recoil. Rifles chambered for .243 and lower are ideal for beginner shooters and people with shoulder problems. 
  • Affordability: It seems like everyone wants an AR-15 these days, but they are very expensive. A bolt action rifle is significantly cheaper than an AR-15. 

Why you should buy a bolt action rifle from Kingler

As is the case with our other products, we have a wide variety of rifles from which to choose. Choose calibers ranging from .17, which are perfect for small game, to rifles chambered in .30-06 and 7 mm. Additionally, we have four pages of bolt action rifles in our inventory. Whatever you want, you are likely to find it. 

Get expert training on your bolt action hunting rifle

Even though these weapons are easy to use, getting some pointers from our experienced staff is still a good idea. At our range, they can spot you as you zero your scope or help improve your shooting technique, all in a safe and friendly training environment.

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